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June 4, 2009

My department went out for dinner tonight to mark the departure (and upcoming nuptials) of one of our great co-workers, Sheila.  Tired of our usual fare in the greater Newbury Street vicinity (i.e., Bangkok City, Cactus Club, Woody’s, etc.), we went to Match, a surprisingly posh hole-in-the-wall, just one block from our office.

Match is pretty big, especially given the area (which usually is cramped and tight), and had a definite club-vibe.  We had a nice, spacious table ready for us, and we didn’t have to crowd.  Waitresses in *teeny tiny* (I’m so serious….the emphasis is both on the teeny AND the tiny — a pretty great departure from servers at our “usual” places) skintight mini-dresses swooped around our table, and took our drink orders immediately.  Match has a pretty extensive drink menu, complete with a billion kinds of girly-‘tinis, and a pretty nice wine list.  Surprisingly, they only had Stella Artois on tap, and the bottled beer selection was pretty weak (your standard mainstream fare — Miller, Coors, Heineken).  I didn’t drink, but everyone who did seemed pretty pleased with what they got.  Even our pregnant co-worker got a mock-tail of ginger ale and cranberry juice.

The best surprise of all was that Thursday night is Ladies’ Night at Match, and every entree on the

Sliders are hard to turn down when theyre $1 a piece, but when they cost more than a steak, are you willing to reach into your pockets?

Sliders are hard to turn down when they're $1 a piece, but when they cost more than a steak, are you willing to reach into your pockets?

menu was only $5!  While Match is known for its above average sliders, it’s hard to turn down crazy-fancy entrees that cost less than a lunchtime salad at Whole Foods.  I got spaghettini with roasted tomato, pancetta and fresh basil.  The sauce was pretty good — kind of salty for my tastes (and I like food REALLY salty), but not bad.  My guess is that the pancetta brought some salt to the party, and then it was saltier on top of that.  Most of my coworkers got steak/rib-eye, which, for $5 is a seriously awesome deal.  A few people got the salmon, which looked pretty good (though I’m not wild about salmon, myself).  Maybe one or two got other things, though from where I was sitting, it was hard to see who was eating what and if they were enjoying what they had.  One of our co-workers, the pregnant mock-tail drinker, did order the sliders, but paid more than the rest of us, because her sliders were about $5 a piece (she got 2), and she got fries alongside it, at an additional cost.  This seemed outrageous for tiny burgers, but I did hear that Tuesday is $1 burger night, so you can easily eat on the cheap, and swill it down with the sub-par beer selection.

I definitely would give Match another try.  I think that it was fun, and you really can’t beat $5 entrees.  I don’t think that it would be a good place to take a date on Ladies’ Night, at least one of the opposite sex, because they’d be paying $23 for their steak while you might be paying $5.  It is a fun place to go with your girls, though don’t expect to be able to make much meaningful conversation over the loud music.

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  1. aviva permalink
    June 5, 2009 9:31 am

    sounds so fun!!

  2. fabulous in brooklyn permalink
    June 5, 2009 10:49 am

    Loved this piece, and at the end where you talk about not bringing your date here because of the price difference, I had to think to myself, now what a heterosexual perspective! And then I thought, “Oh yeah, I’d certainly bring my girlfriend there. In fact, maybe that’s the perfect place for a lesbian [second] date!”

    How about that for a happier ending?

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