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Aunt Mary’s World Cafe

August 1, 2009
Aunt Mary’s World Cafe
321 Woburn St.
Lexington, MA

Marc and I have both been sick (you should see the cold sore on my lip!), and as you know, summer sickness and cooking do not go hand in hand.  We’ve been a little lackadaisical in the kitchen, cooking “comfortable” recipes, eating salads and fruit for dinner and reheating lots of soups from Whole Foods.  My apologies, dear readers, for our absence.

Today is the eve of Marc’s 30th birthday.  He’s been taking it well — which is no surprise, as he is generally a pretty calm guy.  I thought I saw slight flare-ups of age anxiety a couple of weeks ago, but that’s not really been the case.  I’m glad.  To celebrate his birthday eve, we drove to Burlington to see if H Mart had opened.  Unfortunately, it is still not opened — but we KNOW that it will soon, and when it does, it’s going to be incredible.  Marc has read blogs that said that H Mart is like the Disney World of Asian marketplaces.  It would have been a great birthday present for Marc, but alas, we must wait another day.

Instead of eating at the H Mart food court, we went to Aunty Mary’s World Cafe, just up the road from our grocery store.  Aunty Mary’s is pretty new on the Lexington food scene, but its dishes are delicious, particularly the Mediterranean fare.  Marc ordered the Mezze Salad, which

Mezze Salad

Mezze Salad

was HUGE, and featured a healthy spoonful of tabbouleh, eech salad, and fresh, delicious hummus, along with two seriously delicious falafel balls, all on a bed of lettuce.  Marc isn’t crazy about tabbouleh (I love it), but really did enjoy their version.  We even bought a little container for lunches during the week.  Restaurant-made falafel can often be dry and crumbly,  depending on where you go, but Marc took a chance on Aunt Mary’s falafel — and it turned out extremely well for him!  I was TOTALLY jealous (and I still am…) of his menu selection, but I know the next time I go there, I will order this salad myself.  I also ordered a salad, the roasted garlic Caesar salad.  It was pretty good — the chicken on the salad was extremely well-cooked, and cold (which I prefer), and the croutons were fresh and clearly homemade.  I probably didn’t like my salad as much as I liked Marc’s for a few reasons — 1., because my fork was kind of weird (I don’t like eating off of plastic silverware) and 2., it was extremely clear (after looking at Marc’s salad), that they excel at Mediterranean fare.  The next time we go there, I will know what to order.

The cafe is only made up of two tables, and we were the only ones who ate our meal in-house, BUT they were seriously busy.  People were in and out, buying various salads, sandwiches, and baked goods.  They also had a decent selection of oils, pita bread, and homemade pita chips to take home.  The owner (one of them, at least) worked behind the counter and chatted with people, answering questions about the food they had available, but also handing out samples too. We will absolutely be back — and this time, I will be getting a falafel!

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