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August 9, 2009

After a long day of errands yesterday, Marc started to make a fancy Bolognese-style sauce in his dutch oven (I’m sure the recipe will be posted soon, so I won’t go into much detail).  He mostly created the sauce from scratch, and let it simmer for hours and hours.  Because we got a late start and wanted the sauce to be of the highest quality possible, we ended up ordering food last night, instead of eating pasta.  We tried out a new (new to us) place, Tom Yum Koong, in Medford.  I didn’t want anything hot, as far as temperature went, so I decided to order the Larb Kai salad, with minced chicken, red onions and cilantro in a chili-lime dressing.  Well, friends….. though it was tasty (it surely was), I was not able to anticipate the amount of spice in the Larb Kai salad.  My whole existence was on fire — and my lips were swollen because of it.  I have NEVER eaten anything so spicy in my life.  Don’t get me wrong — it was good.  I probably just won’t be ordering it anymore, at least not from this location!  Unless I need a cheap alternative to collagen, that is.

Today, I whipped up a little recipe in the crock pot, called Chicken Casablanca.  I do believe it was the first recipe I ever posted on my personal blog, and so I will guide you to that location for the pictures and information.  It is a Weight Watchers recipe, and easy to make (as most things in the crock pot are…).  It has some more “exotic” spices, and so it may not be for everyone, but it’s got a seriously complex flavor, and reheats really well.  We made a TON and so we have leftovers for lunches and in the freezer, making for much better lunch prospects this week.

Chicken Casablanca

Chicken Casablanca

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