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Pizza Night

August 30, 2009


Marc played a show with his band on Friday night in New Bedford, nearly an hour and a half away from our house.  They were the headliners (the midnight act!), and so the two of us didn’t get home on Friday night until 3 a.m., Saturday morning.  Late nights do not often lead to productive cooking the next day, and so Marc and I made last night a pizza night.

Pizza Night

Pizza Night

I definitely remember having pizza nights as a kid pretty often — almost always on Saturdays, after 5 p.m. Mass.  Sometimes we’d have frozen pizzas, sometimes we’d get takeout from the local place, Vinci’s or Pizza Hut.  Every now and again, we’d make our own.  When I baked a frozen pizza for my brother and sister, I put dried oregano on the pizza before baking it and it used to make them SO (inexplicably…) mad at me, that once, my brother tinted the cheese on a frozen pizza blue, to deter me from adding anything extra or unnecessary.  (I think they both are now fine with oregano, for the record.)  When I got older, I often made my own pizza for my college friends or my family, getting $1 lumps of fresh dough from Peter Sciortino’s Bakery.  Lately, Marc and I have been doing the Boboli thing, which is fine, but not quite as good.

For last night’s pizza night, we decided to break away from the Boboli rut we’ve been in.  We didn’t go with bakery-fresh dough (can’t get it at Market Basket), but we did try a can of Pillsbury thin-crust pizza dough.  It was a pretty good decision, because the dough was fresher and made more pizza, though the crust was not very structurally sound (though it was good).  Marc caramelized onions and we used some leftover turkey sausage to top the pizza — and we were set.  Nothing super adventurous, but seriously delicious.

It was an easy, yummy meal, which probably doesn’t require any posting (yes, I realize we have made pizza before and posted it before….), but the simple pleasure of it all brought me back to the pizza nights of my childhood.  What meals bring you back to another place in your life?

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  1. August 30, 2009 7:42 pm

    Yum! I love pizza nights! When my boyfriend and I make them we do half with cheese and half without (since I’m vegan). I just love having tons of fresh veggies on top — delish!

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